Video marketing – it’s too expensive and too complicated to do yourself? But is it?

Have you ever tried to do your own video marketing content? How was it?

If you have tried then you will appreciate the time and effort that goes into a production.
You have to set the scene.
Whats the best lighting?             Wheres best to sit?
                                                                               Shall I stand?                        What do I wear?
Then there’s the script and operating the camera. Is it rolling?
What do I press?
Is it light enough?
I think I’m ready…

Do your bit and watch it back. But how many mistakes did you make? Can you edit them out? You’ll try and edit them out even though you’ve never edited in your life. But you understand the concept.

But wait, hang on now you don’t like how you sound
                                                                                              and what are your hands doing?
I can’t even see myself it’s too dark!
                                                                 I’m standing weird! 
What’s that in the background?
                                        That will need moving.

This looks all wrong!

Ok, lets start again. but at least now you know that you want to stand. But still don’t know where to put your hands though.

So lets say that the second or third run was a success. Now for the edit…

What software do I use? How does it work? How do I add my name?

This is way too difficult and taking far too long.



What if you were shown how to film yourself?

What if you were shown how to light your scene?

What if you were shown how to present yourself and more importantly what to do with your hands?

What if all you had to do was film yourself after having professional training and then upload the footage to be professionally edited?

Finally, what if it only cost you £100 per month and you had training, two video edits and a support line were you to need advice?

Well you can by using DIY Video solutions from Clockwork Eye Video Productions

Everyone is now able to create effective video marketing content for their business by letting Clockwork Eye help with training and by taking the technical aspects on for you.

Talk to us today on 01535 517077 or email to see how we can help your business with a video marketing strategy.