Video Training

What if you could learn the basic skills to enable you to create your own videos on a regular basis?

Well you can.

We don’t believe that making video is a dark art that you need to pay through the nose for. After all we all carry cameras around in our pockets now…

So why aren’t businesses making more video content?

To put it simply, its a lack of knowledge:

  • What videos should you make?
  • Where to put the videos once they’ve been made?
  • How to get them seen?
  • How to make them so that they don’t look home made?

That is why we created our courses:

  • A full one to one training day where we come to your business and teach you how to create good quality footage, script your videos so that they connect with your audience and how to present yourself professionally.
  • An Introduction to ‘Video Marketing’. This course outlines the basics of video marketing helping you to better understand the answers to the questions above.
  • How to use YouTube effectively and signpost your videos so that they get seen and shared.

To find out more about the training that we provide just give us a call.

So as you can see, it makes sense to work with Clockwork Eye.

Want to find out how Clockwork Eye can help your business?

Simply call 01535 517077 or email and we will take it from there.