Video Production






What is Video Production?

When you are in need of a specific video for your business such as a website landing page  header video, a video for a trade show or to demonstrate how your products work then you can use our ‘Video Production’ services.

For example; We carried out a project for Acorn Stairlifts where we developed an app for their sales team to use. The project involved a 5 x 8 meter Green Screen, a set that could be taken apart and rebuilt in different configurations and walls that could be removed or added.

The crew included camera operator, director, two joiners, a lighting engineer, a stairlift fitter and a poor old actress who had to go up and down in the lift so many times that she never wants to see one again.

How does it work?

Pre-Production: When you engage with Clockwork Eye, the first thing that we do is to sit down together and look at what objectives and outcomes we want to achieve.

Once these have been established we then develop a few concepts for you and once we are all happy with the video we are going to create then we move on to the production phase.

Production: This is where we film your video ready for the next stage.

Post-Production: This is where we edit your video. We develop a draft copy of your video and then when you’re happy we produce it for you in full HD.

Don’t forget that at Clockwork Eye we don’t just give you the video and leave you with it. We also advise you how to get the best results from the video and are always on the end of the phone for advice.

So as you can see, it makes sense to work with Clockwork Eye.

Want to find out how Clockwork Eye can help your business?

Simply call 01535 517077 or email and we will take it from there.