Video Marketing

With our ‘Video Marketing Package’ you can create video content that becomes a vital component to your marketing strategy.

Why does it work?

At Clockwork Eye we don’t just come to you and make a video and leave you with it.

This is how we work:

We Research your audience – Who are they? Where are they and what do they want to know?

This helps us develop a Strategy – What video to create? How often and what to do with the videos once we have them?

Now and only now can we Create the videos we need.

Once we have your videos then we can get to the Distribution phase and start getting your videos seen by the right audience.

Finally we carry out regular Test & Measurement so that we can see how the videos are performing and most importantly what changes we need to make to get better results.

So as you can see, it makes sense to work with Clockwork Eye.

Want to find out how Clockwork Eye can help your business?

Simply call 01535 517077 or email and we will take it from there.