Actors Showreels


Your showreel is your first point of contact with a casting director or production team and acts as your C.V.

This means that it needs to be:

  • Direct and to the point
  • A demonstration of your acting range, abilities and strengths
  • Recent and up to date
  • All about you

With this in mind we have designed a range of solutions that let you pick and choose what you need.

We will have an initial FREE consultation to work out what package may be best for you whether it is a monologue, a single scene or a selection of scenes then we can help.

Reduce the cost of the scenes by simply teaming up with a fellow actor to film joint sessions and save up to 30%.

The following is a breakdown of the different types of showreel that we can produce for you.

Edit Only

We can take existing footage that you have and then edit it in to an effective showreel.

However we do recommend that the footage be recent and up to date as casting directors want current material. It also needs to be parts that you have played and not background work.

You will be required to complete a form that highlights which parts of the footage you would want to use and the order that you would want them to appear. We would then require the footage to be uploaded to our online storage area.

We then edit the footage for you to send out or put on your channel.

We supply your showreel in digital file format though DVD’s are available on request.

Cost: £160.00

Sit in with the editor

With this package if you do not have the technical knowhow to get scenes off your DVD’s or other media or simply need advice on what will suit your showreel best then you can sit in with the editor and direct the construct of your showreel.

Cost: £40.00/hour

Sometimes you may not have any footage that is dedicated to you. The following solutions are tailor made to demonstrate your acting skills.

They have the benefit of also being current and up to date.


The monologue is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate your acting abilities as it moves through a range of emotions in one continuous performance.

We write you a bespoke monologue which is up to two minutes in length and then work with you to obtain the best delivery and then edit the footage ready for you to send or upload.

Cost: £140.00

Team price for two or more bookings: £125.00 each

Single Scene

We script a scene that is tailored to your style of acting or even to the role that you are applying for.
This way a director can see what you are capable of and over time you can build up a wide range of unique scenes to develop your showreel.

We provide a second actor for you to work with to give you someone to react off.

Should you team up with a fellow actor to get the discounted package then you will work together.

Cost: £225.00

Team price for two or more bookings: £180.00 each

Multi Scene

The multi scene package has been designed so you don’t have to wait to build up your showreel.

We will script and film three unique scenes tailored to suit your acting range and then edit and produce them into your showreel.

Cost: £645.00

Team price for two or more bookings: £451.50 each

Total Package

The total package gives you everything that you need to get out there and start applying for roles with the confidence that, should the production team ask for anything then you have it ready.

We write a unique monologue and three scenes for you and then spend a day filming and producing your show reel.

Cost: £760.00

Team price for two or more bookings: £532.00 each

For further information call 01535 517077 or email