Watson Buckle Chartered Accountants

Package: Targeted Marketing Video

Title: Watson Buckle Chartered Accountants


When we approached Watson Buckle about using video to promote their products and services they were sceptical as to how we could create accountancy videos that would get any attention. After all it’s not typical for people to think ‘Hmm, I think I will watch some accountancy videos.’

However, when we introduced them to our Targeted Video Marketing Package they quickly realised that it was possible to use video to engage with their potential clients and existing clients.

So we researched what questions people were asking about accountancy and then based on that research and with technical assistance from Watson Buckle we wrote the scripts. Once that was completed we created the videos.

The results are fantastic with high audience retention which shows that they are being watched by the right people.

Why not take a look at the rest of the videos on their YouTube Channel or on their website.